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Ensure a perfect and lasting tribute to create a remembrance of a friend or relative forever. Become a permanent part of our island's history and contribute to a glorious and important project (The Friends of Mallory Square, Inc. is a non-profit corporation) that will last forever. Ten, twenty, or even 100 years from now, your family and friends will visit this wonderful place and perhaps remember that you, a person from their personal history, had the foresight to make a contribution to this lasting tribute and memorial. Remember, you may even have your own bronze bust here some day.

Brick donations are $60.00 per name/per brick. If you have any questions please contact Hope Casas at (305) 294-4142.

To order a brick(s) please print out the Memorial Brick Engraving Form.

Find your Brick Here!

family looking at bricks on ground
Please send form along with a payment to:
Friends of Mallory Square, Inc.
P.O. Box 1237
Key West, FL 3041

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